Wednesday, August 22, 2012

4x4 Board Work in Progress

Taking some advice from Sholto who's Blog has an excellent looking board that has inspired mine heavily, I started with laying out the main street network for my 4x4 Drop Zone Commander board. Photobucket

Now each city block within the road network will be built with a combination of roads, buildings, and whatever other scenery comes to mind. One finished example: Photobucket

From another angle: Photobucket

This system is incredibly easy to do, and, compared to many other terrain methods, pretty inexpensive. I recommend it.

 P.S. I may or may not have toyed around with some Battletech miniatures in here as well ;)


  1. Hey. Hate to go off topic, but is there any chance of getting some fresh DW battle reports? I'm a huge fan of how you did them and I'm immensely curious about your take on the rules since they've been revised and the new nations; especially with Dystopian Legions on the way :)

    And while I don't know diddle about terrain making, the beginnings of your DC board are looking really good :)

    1. Yes, our group is painting the new stuff in preparation for a campaign. There should be several battle reports come from that. We are getting re-plugged in to DW as we speak. (Of course that's when DZC came out and got me a little distracted, but most of my DW stuff is painted :) )

    2. Awesome! Here I stumbled across these fantastic battle reports as a new DW player only to find that you'd sort of vanished! There were a lot of folks trying to reach ya about where you disappeared to. Glad you're back and I'm definitely looking forward to new ones :D